Heya I'm a Montreal based artist working in the field of VFX, and I am currently in a phase where I like drawing cute girls and witchy womenz.
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I thought it would be nice to actually present to you some of the work I’ve done in the context of my studio job, which you can see in the concept and matte painting section on my personal portfolio website. (featuring some artwork I did for Christophe Gans’ Beauty and the Beast)

I’ve poked the link to my portfolio page here and there, but I’ve never made an official post about it sooo yeah! Check it out if you’ve got a minute : )

Okay so nowadays, for tv productions and film, those computer and tv screens that you see in some scenes are most often times added in post-production.
As a 2D artist/matte painter, I end up designing a lot of those screen interfaces.
Whenever actors put their fingers all over a keyboard or a supposedly tactile screen while techno babbling, someone has to make up a choreography that at least -seems- to go along with the input. 
Whenever I get assigned to those shots, my job is to take random screen and keyboard booping and make it seem smart. 
It’s not always easy.


(Pretty sure I had forgotten how to paint before I got started with this guy)

Saw this impressive looking lady in the bus earlier this week. 

Looking out the window. Not giving a fuck. With the most awesome kimono-like winter coat that looked like it was just made for her.

Bad little boy (Season 5 episode 11)

Just thought Marshall Lee and Fionna dancing together was the cutest thing! Really hope to see more of these two in the episodes to come~


Sketch commission for Frizz-the-bee of her original character from her current comic project, Hariette the Shy (Hariette la Timide).

The gal was sure fun to draw! Please go pay Frizz a visit her stuff is awesome and she’s a friend of mine <3

Such a gorgeous rendition~ Thanks a million!

And I do believe Aurelie’s commissions are still opened. Check out her info over here!


COMMISSION GUIDE by velvetluck

I’m open for 10 slots!

- prices are canadian dollar.
- please contact me by note or by email ( if you are interested in buying something. I also appreciate if you can be the most accurate in your descriptions about anything you want ; visual references can be a good addition.
- payments are done with paypal. All the transactions will be discussed in private.
- I will not begin to work on your commission unless I’ve been given the money. In exchange, I engage myself in retouching your commission as many as pleased, as long as they are from minor to medium corrections.
- Any additional character or details that is not charted in the commission guide will be discussed and evaluated case by case for a possible additional fee.

That’s it! Thanks in advance for any commission :)

My friend still has some slots opened for her comissions. I highly recommend you check out her gorgeous art @


A quick quick-sketch to take a break from my homeworks.

This character is the OC of some girl I passed by on tumblr… Great work! She’s probably some sort of e-bigshot with big e-pen’ and all…

Such a mystery; you should check her out!

oh my GAAAAHHH… home girl… this goes straight to my heart 

Some visual development on Hariette the shy/Hariette la timide, my latest comic project

Translation: “Well she’s obviously not doing her job right…”